Minecraft Nether Fortress Finder

Ender's Eye is thrown.

It will rise and fly toward the nearest stronghold, an extremely rare underground structure. By right-clicking and holding the Eye of Ender, you can throw it (or by tapping "Use" on Pocket Edition).

Rep the previous step until you've found a stronghold.

When the Eye of Ender begins to fly towards the earth, you've discovered a fortress.

  • Each use of the Eyes has a 1 in 5 risk of being destroyed, so bring a lot of them.

Excavate the fortifications.

To discover the fortress, you'll probably have to dig a little.

Make sure the place is safe. There will be a lot of mobs in the stronghold, so clear it out and fire it up.

  • Do not dig straight down since the End Portal frame is perched above a tiny lava lake! If you aren't above the frame, you risk falling into a dark tunnel and suffering fall damage, as well as being attacked by numerous dangerous beasts.

Getting to the End

Look for a portal that leads to the end.

There is only one End Portal in each fortress. This is the method you'll utilize to reach The End.

Turn on the Portal.

The portal is activated by filling the "frame" with Ender's Eyes. Equip the eye, then use an empty block on the frame to complete the task. Rep this process until all twelve blocks have eyes.

Enter the Portal now.

This will lead you to the conclusion.

  • The lava under the portal will not injure you if you leap into an activated portal, but if it is not active, you will most certainly burn to death and lose all your belongings!

Taking on the Dragon

Prepare to face the boss.

The Ender Dragon is the last boss. She (yep, she was verified to be female) glides across the skies of the End. To complete the game, you must murder her.

  • Endermen abound in this realm, so keep an eye out.
  • If you save, quit, and reload when at the End and have not yet killed the dragon, a second dragon will spawn. Ensure that you have enough time to complete the battle.

Find the dragon.

She can take a while to emerge, so use this time to prepare by arranging your stuff and doing other things.

  • You have the option of spawning underground. Simply dig your way out if this is the case.

Destruction of the Ender Crystals is required.

The Ender Dragon is healed by these crystals, which are found atop the obsidian towers at the End.

  • You can use any assault, even a snowball, to take them out. It is not recommended to use a close-range weapon since the crystals would explode if struck. Iron bars are used to protect certain crystals.

Get rid of the dragon.

A sword, bow and arrows, or explosive materials can be used to harm the dragon. The dragon is impervious to lava, fire, and splash potions, yet stat-boosting potions are quite effective.

  • Because sleeping in the End or Nether causes an explosion, you can utilize beds to inflict harm on the ender dragon. Simply lay it in front of you, take a step back, and attempt to fall asleep as the dragon approaches.
  • While sitting on top of the gateway in the Computer Edition, the dragon is immune to arrows.

Gather the riches.

The Enderdragon grants up to 70 XP levels and unlocks the escape portal. Here, read more about How to Find Nether Fortress.

Play the Game and Win!

After the credits, you'll respawn in your world's standard spawn with all of your gear and a big amount of bonus experience levels, having "beaten Minecraft."

  • You can now return to the End whenever you wish, as long as you can access the portal. There are several precious items there, including Endermen and their priceless Ender Pearls, as well as Obsidian and End Stone blocks, which are among the most blast-resistant blocks in the game.
  • The Combat Update (version 1.9) brought End Cities and End Ships to the Java Edition.